Report: Pastor John Gray and Relentless Church Receive Notice of Eviction From Pastor Ron Carpenter Jr. After Reportedly Failing to Pay Monthly Lease Agreement

It is barely almost two years to the exact day that John Gray publicly announced he was leaving his role as associate pastor of Lakewood Church to take over as pastor of the popular Redemption Church in Greenville, South Carolina, at the request of its founding pastor Ron Carpenter Jr, in December 2017, and it already appears the church’s future is uncertain with him at the helm. According to a new report by Larry Reid of Larry Reid Live, John Gray and Redemption Church, which Gray renamed Relentless Church upon becoming senior pastor, have been issued a notice of eviction from their place of worship for non-payment of a lease agreement. After recapping the unfortunate drama, sin, mistakes and missteps that have taken over the headlines since Gray’s appointment, Reid stated the following:

Now this is what has happened: They have not paid the $26,000 per month.
As of November 26th, 2019, John Gray and the Relentless Church have been evicted.
I’ll repeat it: John Gray and the Relentless Church have been evicted for non-payment of a lease agreement and running the church’s reputation and the money into a hole. This happened November 27th.
They must be out of the church by December 31st. This is [absolutely] ridiculous.

A pastoral succession situation that started out with much promise and blessing is slowly turning out to be what some perceive to be a disaster. Pray for the pastors and congregation involved.