Randal Rauser on The Problem With Christians’ Misguided Boycott of Netflix

A few weeks ago, I heard that Netflix has a new comedy show featuring a gay Jesus. So I said, “Yeah, no thanks,” and got on with my day.

Then I learned that a boycott of Netflix was trending on Twitter spurred on by Christians outraged at that show. So I tweeted:

“So now #cancelonetflix is trending because Christians are offended about some stupid show. Do you know how many offensive books and films are in your public library? Should we cut up our library cards? Please Christians, grow a thicker skin.”

In this article, I’m going to enumerate three problems with these misguided boycotts and protests.

Let’s start here. After posting the tweet, one fellow then asked me: “Which movie?” And you may very well be wondering the same thing: Yeah, which movie is that, anyway? Which is, of course, the first problem: all these outraged boycotts do is drum up interest in the offending product thereby granting it loads of free publicity. Back in 1988, the mediocre film The Last Temptation of Christ would have quickly sunk into obscurity if Christians hadn’t made a point of picketing theaters.

So that’s the first problem: boycotts/protests give free publicity to the offending product.

But it’s worse than that. Another fellow asked me on Twitter, “Dude, what are you an apologist for again?” Someone else then interjected, “At least in this case, not being a whiny baby.” Exactly. I’m an apologist for Christians not being whiners who invite the derision and contempt of a wider pluralist society. Apologists should be concerned with presenting a winsome, welcoming Christianity, not one that is known for its protests and boycotts. And yet, the reality is that Christians often are known more for what they’re against — same-sex marriage, abortion, gay Jesus comedy shows on Netflix — than what they’re for. You can have great arguments for the existence of God and the resurrection of Jesus, but if people write you off as a censorious curmudgeon worthy of derision, you won’t even get an audience to present those arguments.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Randal Rauser

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