Piers Morgan Says Boris Johnson’s Victory Proves That Democracy-Denying Radical Socialists Backed by Self-Righteous Celebrities on Twitter Are Electoral Poison – and if Democrats Fall for the Same Delusion, Trump Will Decimate Them in 2020

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‘What an earthquake we have created!’ cried a jubilant Boris Johnson after his stunning UK election triumph last night.

Unusually, the British Prime Minister wasn’t either wildly exaggerating or speaking with forked tongue.

Johnson’s victory was a genuinely seismic moment, and one whose forceful tremors will be felt most keenly across the Atlantic in America.

Because make no mistake, the lessons from this election carry extraordinary pertinence for next year’s US election.

Like Donald Trump and his ‘Make America Great Again’ mantra in 2016, Boris Johnson won with one very simple message that he rammed home every minute of every day of the six-week campaign.

‘GET BREXIT DONE!’ he bellowed ad nauseum, and this relentless three-word mission statement worked spectacularly well.

Johnson’s Conservative Party was the only one to run on a platform of delivering the result of the 2016 Referendum into whether the UK should remain in or leave the European Union.

17.4 million people voted then to leave, a 52 percent majority of Britons, but scandalously the losing Remainers – who were quickly dubbed Remoaners – launched a concerted campaign to stop it happening.

Rather like Democrats after Hillary Clinton lost to Trump, they wouldn’t accept the result and have spent the past three-and-a-half years screaming their heads off about how unfair it all is – and demanding another vote.

Since Johnson, one of the key architects of the Brexit win, became Prime Minister in the summer, Remoaner fury has grown ever more hysterical as they’ve branded him a lying cheating racist scumbag with a tawdry history involving women.

And they’ve mocked all his supporters as thick, racist morons who are just too stupid to know what they’re doing.

Sound familiar?

For Boris, read Trump.

For Brexit, read the 2016 Election.

And for Remainers, read Democrats.

The similarities don’t stop there.

Like the Democrats when Hillary ran, Remainers enlisted the very vocal support of Hollywood luvvies to fight their cause.

Hollywood actors Hugh Grant and Steve Coogan led the way, backed up by the likes of grime artist Stormzy and pop singer Lily Allen.

Grant, who seemed to forget that playing a fictitious Prime Minister in Love Actually is not a qualification to be a real politician, spent weeks marching around ordering people not to vote for Johnson or the Conservatives because they had the audacity to want to act on the democratic will of the people.

‘I don’t want to sound dramatic,’ he said, dramatically, ‘but I really think we’re facing a national emergency.’

The absurdly affected arrogant and pompous twerp believed he was the one to save us all from ourselves.

Instead, Britons responded exactly how I assumed they would to a jumped-up hectoring thespian trying to destroy democracy – and voted against everyone he supported.

There was a wonderful photo taken in a West London restaurant of the precise moment multi-millionaire Grant read the devastating (for him) 10pm exit poll on his cell-phone and his head sunk in abject disbelief.

Like the Trump-hating liberal celebrities who so raucously endorsed Hillary, he was hit by a sudden thunderbolt of reality that his views are not shared by most actual real people.

Grant was only matched in his sneering self-righteousness by fellow thespian Coogan who the night before the election went on national television to condemn all 17.4 million people who voted for Brexit as ‘ill-informed and ignorant.’

What stupefying arrogance!

Stormzy just resorted to plain abuse, branding Johnson a ‘f***ing pr*ck’ in a message to his millions of social media followers.

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Source: Daily Mail