New Book From Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Shares Legacy of Christians Who Shaped the Institution

“Profiles of Faithfulness,” a new book from Seminary Hill Press, provides biographies of key men and women who established and stewarded a vision for a school of the prophets in the Southwest — Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

“Southwestern Seminary has a rich legacy of Christian leaders who have shaped this institution and, in so doing, have shaped the lives of countless individuals around the world,” said SWBTS president Adam W. Greenway. “I’m delighted by the release of this new title from our Seminary Hill Press, knowing that more than merely introducing readers to Southwestern Seminary’s history, this volume will be an encouragement to all believers to consider what legacies they will leave to enrich Christ’s Kingdom.”

Profiling 16 individuals from the seminary’s history, including early figures B.H. Carroll and L.R. Scarborough as well as later men like Roy J. Fish and William B. Tolar, the book “reveals a rich heritage of Gospel faithfulness” that points to “a great and faithful God who formed and sustained the seminary” since its founding in 1908, Alex Sibley, the book’s editor, said.

“As Dr. Greenway has said since his presidency began, today’s students and faculty are living in a house they did not build, drinking from a well they did not dig,” said Sibley, managing editor of Seminary Hill Press and associate director of news and information at Southwestern Seminary. “This volume highlights some of the men and women who built the house and dug the well.”

The profiles were originally published as news releases on the Southwestern Seminary website. They have been compiled into this single volume in order to “behoove readers interested in Southwestern Seminary’s history, as well as those considering entering into this ‘storyline of Gospel faithfulness,'” Sibley said.

“The individuals chosen are representative of countless more who could have been covered,” Sibley said. “We make no claim to have provided exhaustive coverage of all the men and women who made Southwestern Seminary into the crown jewel seminary of the Southern Baptist Convention.

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Source: Baptist Press