Michael Brown on When a Jew-Bashing Christian Leader Makes Jesus Look Bad

Rick Wiles (Vimeo/Right Wing Watch)

On Nov. 26, an Orthodox Jewish news outlet ran this attention-grabbing headline: “WATCH THIS SHOCKING HATE: Christian TV Host Rick Wiles Calls Impeachment A ‘JEW-COUP.'”

Tragically, once again, in the eyes of religious Jews, the word “Christian” is associated with the word “hate.” And once again, the name of Jesus has been dishonored by one of His bigoted followers. What a terrible shame.

Of course, this story is not new. Rather, it has been repeated time and again for more than 1,500 years, to this very day. A Christian leader bashes the Jewish people, or, worse still, commits acts of discrimination or violence against them, as a result of which Jesus Himself looks ugly in the eyes of the Jewish people.

In the words of Nicolai Berdyaev, “Christians set themselves between the Messiah and the Jews, hiding from the latter the authentic image of the Savior.”

And that’s why Jewish philosopher Eliezer Berkovits, writing several decades after the Holocuast, spoke of the “the moral bankruptcy of Christian civilization and the spiritual bankruptcy of Christian religion,” charges that are highly exaggerated yet seem accurate in the eyes of many Jews.

Of course, anyone familiar with church history can point to an endless chain of positive, world-improving actions of Christians throughout the ages, including extraordinary acts of compassion and self-sacrifice.

To this moment, Christians around the world lead the way in doing good, building hospitals, caring for orphans, feeding the poor and launching education programs, just to mention a few. And some of the saintliest people on the planet are committed Christians, people who recoil at the hateful words of people like Rick Wiles.

But church history is also littered with sinful acts against Jews, from demonizing them in sermons to herding them into ghettos and from offering them baptism or death to working hand in hand with the Nazis. And it is that part of church history many Jews know by heart.

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SOURCE: Charisma News