Louie Giglio’s New Children’s Devotional “How Great Is Our God” Hopes to Bridge the Divide Between Faith and Science for the Next Generation

Passion City Church Pastor Louie Giglio’s new installment of his bestselling children’s devotional, How Great Is Our God: 100 Indescribable Devotions About God and Science, encourages the next generation while bridging the divide between faith and science.  

After reaching hundreds of thousands of children with the first set of devotions in 2017’s Indescribable, Giglio now penned 100 additional devotions about God and science that will expand the curiosity of children with How Great Is Our God. The book includes scientific facts, photography, illustrations, and activities that cover topics such as, space and time, the human body, animals and more.

“I think that’s one of the best-hidden beauties of this little devotional is it really does tear down the divide, if you will, in some ways that people try to build up between God and science,” Giglio told The Christian Post in a recent interview.

Giglio, who is gearing up to hit the road in 2020 with Winter Jam, said he does believe that it’s true that a lot of science is anti-faith and faith is anti-science. There are faith questions for anyone who takes science seriously, he maintained, but that doesn’t faze him because God’s word is forever settled and science is forever changing.

“I don’t worry about all that stuff because science is an ever-moving target and very often we hear the scientists say, ‘We have now discovered something new’ or ‘We have revised what we once thought was a sure bet,’ or ‘A recent discovery has helped us see that what we thought was the case really isn’t the case,’” Giglio explained.

He added, “Every time that happens, no one ever writes an article on, ‘Man you can’t trust science.’ They just celebrate that science moved the ball further down the field again. What I take away from that is science isn’t foolproof, and science isn’t a finished work. It is an evolutionary process of understanding and I believe that at the end of that process is the Creator of the universe and that we are all moving, eventually, to be face to face with him.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law