Giving Tuesday: Your Donations to Mission India’s “Christmas Joy Matching Challenge” Can Raise Up First-generation Christians in India

First-generation Christians can face hardship with family members who don’t support their faith. Now imagine you’re the first believer in your family… as a child.

During Mission India’s 10-Day Children’s Bible Clubs, they introduce kids to the Gospel through skits, songs, and prayer. Erik Morsehead with Mission India says, “Oftentimes, these kids are coming from non-Christian backgrounds. So families for the first time have to kind of answer the question of whether or not they want their kids to learn about Jesus.”

Once these kids are allowed to go to a 10-Day Children’s Bible Club, many of them start relationships with Christ. This can trigger a ripple effect in which whole families come to know Jesus.

Morsehead says, “We get stories all the time that come through and to me, they’re just so powerful because you’re hearing kids that are learning about Jesus and they go home and they go tell their mom and dad and family about it.”

Throughout December, Mission India has their Christmas Joy Matching Challenge. Every dollar donated to their 10-Day Children’s Bible Clubs will be matched up to $425,000.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News,