Frontiers USA Aims to Take the Gospel to Every Muslim People Group by 2025

(Photo courtesy of Frontiers USA)

Did you know there are still over 1,000 Muslim people groups who have never heard the true Gospel of Jesus Christ? Frontiers USA hopes to change that.

Perry LaHaie with Frontiers says, “We want to see viral movements of the Gospel among every Muslim people group by 2025 and beyond. One of the ways we do that, of course, is by recruiting, training, and sending workers into Muslim people groups.”

The heart of Frontiers’ mission is inviting all Muslim peoples to follow Jesus with love and respect. They focus on areas with the highest concentration of unengaged Muslim people groups.

With every Muslim people group that gains a Gospel witness and sees Church growth, the Great Commission advances.

“In Matthew 24:14, Jesus says, ‘This gospel of the kingdom will be preached…as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come.’” LaHaie says, “It kind of blows my mind that in some way, shape, or form that as we bring the Gospel to the people who have never heard — Muslim people groups — we’re somehow speeding the day of Jesus’s return.

“The Bible promises in Revelation 7, we see this huge throng of people from every tribe tongue, people, and nation gathered worshiping the Lamb. That’s going to happen. That is God’s promise. So we’re moving toward that day.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Lyndsey Koh