FMI Uses Sewing Centers to Share the Gospel and Disciple Women Throughout Asia

Women in Pakistan are coming to know the Lord through sewing and literacy centers developed to help them learn to read the Bible and receive an income.

Nehemiah*, Ministry Liaison for FMI, explains that FMI started the Women’s Discipleship Initiative to combat Christian persecution in Pakistan.

FMI works in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Pakistan to support and partner with local Christians to spread God’s Word. Through the Women’s Discipleship Initiative, FMI founded 10 sewing and literacy centers to support Christian women.

Nehemiah says, “In Pakistan, Christian men are only allowed to work as sanitary workers, so they are limited to [working] in sewers. So, these women want to help their husbands because their wages are too low.

“In these centers, they are not only learning how to stitch maxi dresses, but they are learning how to read the Bible as well.”

Sewing Centers Bring Women to Christ

Pakistan is ranked number 5 on the Open Doors USA World Watch List 2019** for Christian persecution. The persecution type is classified as “Islamic oppression”.

Christian women in Pakistan have few opportunities receive an income or be open about their faith. These sewing centers open the door to creating new communities with those who share their faith.

They also have the chance to share God’s Word with others.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Sarah Traill