Florida Church Pays Off $1.62 Million in Outstanding Medical Debt for Over 1,000 People

A Florida church has paid off $1.62 million in outstanding medical debt for some 1,300 Lakeland residents.

According to the Associated Press, Access Church is mailing letters about the Thanksgiving gift to the residents. The letter will notify the resident that their medical debt has been paid off and will include the message, “Access Church loves you.”

Ryan Jordon, the executive pastor at Access Church, said a member of the congregation suggested the idea earlier in the year. The church used it’s 2018 annual Christmas Offering to pay off the medical bills. Each year, the offering is used for the community.

“Sometimes it’s local with our church fixing roofs torn by hurricanes or fixing air conditioners,” said lead pastor Jason Burns. “Other times it’s to build houses, orphanages and churches in Third World countries.”

Access Church worked with RIP Medical Debt, a nonprofit organization, to find residents eligible for help. The past-due medical debts were owed by Lakeland city resident with incomes at or below 50 percent of the federal poverty line, which is about $8,500 for a couple and $13,00 for a family of four.

There was more than $3 million in medical debt.

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Source: Christian Headlines