Eric Metaxas Hopes People Will See That ‘Jesus is for Everyone’ in His Upcoming Variety-Style Show “Christmas in New York” on TBN

Christmas in New York with Eric Metaxas, Dec 2019. | Icon Media Group

New York Times bestselling author, radio host and cultural commentator, Eric Metaxas has teamed up with popular Christian Network TBN to host “Christmas In New York.” 

“Christmas In New York” premieres on December 23rd at 8 PM ET/11 PM PT, runs December 24th at 5 PM, and December 25th at 3 AM and 10 AM. The 1970s style variety hour, shot in front of a live studio audience, mimics “Saturday Night Live.” It’s comprised of comedy sketches featuring cameos from popular comedians, musical performances and celebrity guests.

The following is an edited transcript where Metaxas shares with The Christian Post further details on “Christmas In New York” and what he’s hoping to accomplish with the new TV show.

Christian Post: Christmas can be very enchanting in the Big Apple during the holidays, can you share about “Christmas in New York,” your actual experience and about your show?

Metaxas: I grew up in New York and sort of took Christmas in NY for granted. But by filming this show I got a bit of an outsider’s perspective on it all. I marveled at the Rockefeller Christmas tree and Central Park and the decorations on Fifth Avenue in a way I really never had before!

I was amazed Phil Robertson and I didn’t get arrested during that scene in Central Park. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself. Let’s just say you can take the bearded patriarch out of the swamp, but evidently you can’t take the swamp out of the bearded patriarch!

CP: The show is pegged a 1970s style variety show, what made you go for that feel?

Metaxas: For one thing, that’s when I grew up, but more importantly, it’s when the culture was still producing programming for the whole family. The fracturing of media into age-specific programming had not yet happened, and families could all come together and enjoy something as a family. That’s something most people still long for, and it’s why I wanted to do the show this way, so that people from every age group and political persuasion and faith perspective could all have fun together.

CP: What and who can we expect to see on the program?

Metaxas: Phil Robertson and Miss Kay are two of the finest people I’ve ever had the privilege of getting to know and I knew they had to be involved. Phil gives about as clear a message about the meaning of Christmas as you’ll ever get, but he and Miss Kay weren’t afraid to have some kooky fun with me, too, as you will certainly have to agree.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law