Deaf Missions Partners with Jesus Film to Produce Sign Language Jesus Film

Deaf Missions is collaborating with Jesus Film to produce the Jesus Movie. Chad Entinger with Deaf Missions signs today is the first day people can watch the pilot scene. Click here to view!

Jesus Movie

The pilot gives people a taste of what the full-length film will be like once completed. It is also the first step in producing a movie which offers Deaf the chance to encounter Jesus through their heart-language.

“The heart-language, it’s related to a person’s identity. For a person to see something in their heart-language, that really will capture their heart, and they’ll feel, that person will then, will feel like ‘Oh my goodness, they’re actually communicating to me. This is my language’,” Entinger signs while communication through a translator.

Many Deaf feel that the triune God is only for hearing people. This sentiment exists because of the numerous amounts of resources churches tend to put towards ministry work for hearing people. This movie translation challenges that concept and is an investment in Deaf ministry and discipleship. It also communicates to the Deaf community that they matter to not just Christians, but to God.

“We really believe that God can and will use the movie in sign-language to reach Deaf people,” Entinger signs.

Production is set to take at least three years, possibly four years. The pilot video is the launching point for this project. Plans for fundraising is in the works to finish raising the complete financial resources needed for the pre-production, production, and post-production phases of this project.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Beth Stolicker