Cory Asbury on How his Hit Song “Reckless Love” Impacted Millions for the Kingdom

When I wrote “Reckless Love,” I had no idea it would go on to be one of the most popular Christian songs in recent history. I had no idea it would go viral in a matter of hours after hitting YouTube. I had no idea it would break Billboard records and receive numerous Dove Awards and even a Grammy nomination. I had no idea it would become the most frequently sung worship song in the church worldwide—and certainly no idea its theology would be so hotly debated. I just knew those lyrics were exactly what my heart needed to sing to the Father in that particular season of my life.

When I sent the demo to my (now) manager at Bethel Music, I included the note, “I think I just penned my opus.” While I had no idea my “opus” would be so widely received, I knew it was born from the depths of my being, from the very core of my raw, imperfect but beautiful walk with the Father.

At that point in my life, I was so hyper acquainted with my own brokenness that the reality of God’s desire and love for me even in that vulnerable place was absolutely wrecking me (in the best way possible). He kept showing up at the doorstep of my heart when I least expected it: after another loss in the battle against lust, after blowing up at my kids (undoubtedly over something inconsequential), after yet another fight with my wife (in which I was undeniably in the wrong). It seemed as if I just couldn’t outrun His grace, and I couldn’t “outfall” His kindness.

In that place of surrender to His goodness, the refrain of the chorus was born: “Oh, the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God.” These words were the banner over my very existence. Isn’t it just like God to use a season like mine to birth a song that heals a multitude? Isn’t it just like God to turn disappointments into dance floors? He really is better than we’ve imagined. I’m constantly overwhelmed by His tenderness in my life.

I’ve received tens of thousands of emails and messages about how the song has touched people’s lives. One of my favorite testimonies came on the day Justin Bieber sang the song on his social media platforms. Boy, did my phone blow up that day. I was inundated with messages from friend and foe alike excitedly telling me that Bieber had sung my song. To be honest with you, I completely freaked out too. I didn’t expect to be so giddy and starstruck, but I was.

That day, I received thousands of messages from random people who had heard the song because of Bieber’s posts. The one that impacted me the most came from a young man who was planning to commit suicide that very night. When he heard Bieber singing the words to my song, the Father came close and spoke sonship and belonging over him. He gave his life to God that same day and was saved. It’s amazing what Jesus can do with just a little tune, huh?

I’ve been asked countless times how and why I would choose to use a word like “reckless” to describe the love of God. Some critics have been gracious, and some have been less than gracious (to put it lightly). While I understand that my choice of words is undoubtedly bold, I believe in a God whose love is infinitely beyond the bounds of our English Rolodex of descriptors, a God who lives so far outside the confines of human language that words fail to describe even the edges of His complexity.

At the height of the controversy surrounding the song in 2018, it seemed as if its opponents made it their goal to disprove the idea of God’s reckless love. I can’t tell you how many internet blogs, news articles and social media posts tagged me in their publications. Looking at it in retrospect, I believe most people who took offense at the word fall into two main camps.

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SOURCE: Charisma News