Catholic Italian Politician Sparks Outrage for Claiming ‘Jesus Was Not a Jew’

Fabio Tuiach

Fabio Tuiach, an avowed Catholic and boxer turned council member in the northeastern city of Trieste, Italy, is coming under fire for claiming “Jesus was not a Jew,” despite biblical evidence of the Savior’s heritage.

Tuiach reportedly made the comment during a Nov. 18 meeting ahead of a council vote on a motion proposing to award 89-year-old Holocaust survivor Liliana Segre the city’s honorary citizenship, The Jerusalem Post reported, citing a video recording from La Repubblica.

Segre, Haaretz reported, is also a senator in the Italian parliament, who has become a target for online abuse ever since she called for the creation of a parliamentary committee to fight racism and online hate speech.

The escalating threats forced the need for police bodyguards. As a show of support, several cities and towns across Italy started naming her an honorary citizen.

Tuiach reportedly called Segre a “nice little granny,” whom he respected for witnessing one of the ugliest pages in history, but said that he was offended as a “devout Catholic” that she would refer to Jesus as a Jew.

“As a devout Catholic, I was confused and also a little offended by the fact that she said that Jesus was Jewish,” Tuiach said. “He was the son of God, he was God for me; therefore I will abstain.”

His comments sparked commotion among his colleagues.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair