Wisconsin Officially Recognizes Thanksgiving Week as “National Bible Week”

(Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels)

The Republican-controlled Wisconsin Assembly passed a new resolution instating the presence of a “National Bible Week” and confirming that the evergreen planted outside the state capitol is, in fact, a “Christmas” tree.

The resolution vote of 64-30 was actioned in direct opposition to Gov. Tony Evers’ declaration that the towering tree would be classed as a “Holiday Tree” in order to remove any potential affiliation to the Christian holiday season.

“It seems like the only religion we’re willing to take shots at is Christianity,” Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke said of the controversy, according to The Washington Post. The Assembly also voted 86-9 without debate to ensure that the days surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday were marked by “National Bible Week.”

“Bible reading has been a great encouragement and comfort for many people throughout our state’s history and has contributed to the molding of the spiritual, moral and social fiber of our citizenry,” the resolution reads.

As for the label assigned to the festive tree, Republicans insist that their Democratic opponents are simply trying to remove “Christ” from Christmas by secularizing the holiday season as much as they can.

“This resolution is about inclusion of the Christian holiday,” added Rep. Scott Krug.

As many have come to expect, complaints from the Freedom From Religion Foundation were issued almost immediately.

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SOURCE: Faithwire, Will Maule