WATCH: Jesus Ain’t Trippin’, Why Should I? Following Song Collaboration, Gospel Legend Fred Hammond Says Kanye West’s Trump Support Is Not an Issue For Him

Everyone has a different moral compass that they follow. Case in point, Gospel legend Fred Hammond asserts he has no problem working with Kanye West despite the Chicago rapper’s enthusiastic support of Donald Trump.

“I have no concern who he voted for, or who he supports,” Hammond told TMZ. “Because to be honest with you, I have Christian friends—pastors and leaders—who truly support Trump. And I have those that are not supporters of Trump.

He added, “When it gets to politics, that’s your own personal conviction, you handle that. You don’t have to vote the way I vote. Just vote. At the end of the day, vote, that’s your right. We don’t get into all of that.”

Hammond appears on Yeezy’s latest album, Jesus Is King.

He went on to say he felt Kanye was sincere about his faith and was confident that he could praise God with the artist.

SOURCE: Hip-Hop Wired – Robert Longfellow