UK Pro-Life Advocate Blames Transgender Activists After She Was Blocked from Boarding Flight to U.S. Following Months of Harassment

Caroline Farrow speaks with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on “Good Morning Britain” on March 25, 2019. | YouTube/”Good Morning Britain”

A British pro-life advocate was barred from boarding a flight to the U.S. Tuesday in what some believe was a scheme carried out by trans activists and their allies.

Caroline Farrow, a Catholic journalist who’s now the U.K. director for CitizenGO, was prohibited from boarding a flight to Florida despite her travel having been previously approved by the U.S. Electronic System for Travel Authorization.

Farrow told The Christian Post on Wednesday that she believes this occurred at the behest of transgender rights activists who have been targeting her for months, particularly since she spoke out against surgical procedures being performed on gender-confused teens.

“Certainly several TRAs (transgender activists) appear to be gloating and taking credit for what has happened. In particular, the notorious activist Dr. Adrian Harrop posted a photograph of the U.S. Embassy at around the time I explained what had happened to me and claimed to have paid a visit there,” she said.

Earlier this month, Farrow checked her ESTA application and discovered it had been approved on Oct. 31. That same day she then tweeted to Harry Miller — a businessman and former police officer who was interviewed by police over an alleged transphobic ‘hate incident’ in which he tweeted a transgender limerick — that she was disappointed that she was unable to join him for the judicial review of his case because she would be thousands of miles away.

Harrop has denied having anything to do with Farrow not being allowed to board the flight and has accused her making it up.

“Later that evening, I was warned that an account which has been set up with the express purpose of ‘watching that b—- get her comeuppance in real time,’ and ‘here to watch Farrow implode’ tweeted about how if I am found guilty on civil, not criminal, charges of being in contempt of court, I would need to apply for a visa as I would be disbarred from the U.S.,” Farrow told CP.

“Last week the account continued to tweet ominous ‘tick tock’ messages and stated that much worse is to come for me,” she said, noting that the account claims that she is presently under two criminal investigations.

If true, Farrow said she was never formally informed of either one.

“I suspect that activists have filed some malicious reports with the police before highlighting this with the embassy which then canceled my visa without informing me,” she explained.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter