Thai Teen Dies from Stroke ‘Caused by All-Night Gaming Sessions’ on Computer

Tragic Piyawat Harikun died from a stroke, medics said (Image: ViralPress)

A teenager died from a stroke believed to have been caused by all-night computer gaming sessions.

Piyawat Harikun, who was just 17, would stay up all night playing multiplayer battle games on his PC during school holidays.

His parents now want to warn others about the dangers of gaming addictions.

They said on top of his all-night sessions, Piyawat would draw the curtains at his home in Udon Thani, northern Thailand, to continue playing.

Piyawat’s father Jaranwit, went to the bedroom on Monday afternoon and found his son collapsed from the computer chair.

Jaranwit, an air force officer, said he tried to revive his son but he was already dead.

There was a pile of takeaway boxes on the desk and a fizzy drink bottle at his feet, while his headphones were resting on top of another computer tower.

He said: ”I called his name and said ‘wake up, wake up’ but he did not respond. I could see he was dead.”

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SOURCE: Mirror, Apiwat Piriyapol