Stephen Kendrick Says He is ‘Grateful’ for How God Exceeded All of Their Prayers With Successes of “Overcomer” Ahead of DVD Release

Alex and Stephen Kendrick attend the red carpet premiere of “Overcomer” in Atlanta on August 15, 2019. | The Christian Post/Leah Klett

Award-winning filmmakers Alex and Stephen Kendrick are giving God the glory as they gear up for the DVD release of their hit movie, “Overcomer.”

“Overcomer” will be digitally released Nov. 26 on Blu-ray and DVD shortly after, ahead of the Christmas season.

“We are so grateful for how God has been blessing the movie ‘Overcomer’ over the last few months,” Stephen Kendrick told The Christian Post.

“We prayed for it to be opened in 1,700 theaters and it opened in 1,723 and in 24 countries. We asked God for an A+ Cinemascore and it received that opening weekend and then earned an unexpected 98% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes (higher than their top 10 greatest movies of all time),” he added. “We asked for lives to be changed and have heard of many salvations in theaters and 50 people coming to Christ after one screening in Tennessee.”

Stephen Kendrick said that just like their No. 1 box-office hit “War Room,” their new film has also exceeded their expectations.

Starring Alex Kendrick, Priscilla Shirer, Shari Rigby, Cameron Arnett and newcomer Aryn Wright-Thompson, the movie follows “coach John Harrison (Alex Kendrick) after he loses his basketball team and is challenged by the school’s principal, Olivia (Shirer), to coach a new sport he doesn’t know or like. As John questions his own worth, he dares to help the least likely runner take on the biggest race of the year. Filled with a powerful mix of faith, humor and heart, this inspirational story will have you on the edge of your seat,” the film’s synopsis reads.

Stephen Kendrick said testimonies have just “poured in” from audiences who’ve laughed, cried and cheered openly in theaters.

“Some people have gone back eight times to see ‘Overcomer’ in their theater,” he celebrated.

“We praise God for the personal stories on social media of prodigal children turning back to God, co-workers dealing with deep depression, and churches using ‘Overcomer’ to launch into themed studies from the book of Ephesians or identity in Christ,” he added.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law