Southern Israel Shuts Down Again After Gazan Terrorists Fire More Rockets in Spite of Ceasefire

AP: September 14, Image of rocket from Gaza being intercepted by Iron Dome

Israelis in southern Israel are on high alert Friday morning after the Islamic Jihad terror group fired more rockets from Gaza Thursday evening in violation of a cease-fire that began earlier that day.

The Israel Defense Forces said the Iron Dome Missile Defense System intercepted the rockets before they had a chance to strike civilians.

Israel responded to the cease-fire violation by conducting airstrikes on Islamic Jihad terror targets in Gaza early Friday morning.

Schools throughout southern Israel, including Ashkelon, Sderot, and other communities near Gaza are closed due to fears of more rockets.

Israeli media reports that some Islamic Jihad members oppose the Egypt-brokered ceasefire and could be responsible for the fresh round of rockets Thursday evening.

The ceasefire was implemented after two days of intense fighting between the terror group and Israel.

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Source: CBN