Scientists Say Multiplying by Seven to Find Out Your Dog’s Age is Wrong and Reveal a New Formula to Convert Your Dog’s Age to Human Years

The myth of multiplying by seven to calculate your dog’s age in “human years” has been busted, according to a report.

Researchers have come up with a new method of converting dog years to human years and it’s a bit more complicated than the infamous multiplication method, according to reports.

Time to dust off your graphing calculator or if you have an iPhone, hold it horizontally (double check and make sure the portrait orientation lock is off). The new formula is configured from DNA and involves a logarithm, according to reports.

The alleged new formula is:

Human age = 16ln(Dog age) + 31

According to reports, researchers only examined this theory using Labrador retrievers, therefore it may not be as accurate for other dog breeds who may age at different rates.

SOURCE: USA Today, Jai-Leen James