Sam Rohrer on Does God Always Answer Our Prayers?

“O Lord, how long shall I cry for help, and you will not hear?”

This was the prayer of the biblical prophet, Habakkuk—crying out for God to hear him. Sometimes, even those with a deep relationship with God question whether He is listening. In Habakkuk’s situation, God promised His answer was on the way. Though he could not see a response at that moment, the Lord had a plan that would perfectly address the prophet’s situation.

We often find ourselves wondering whether God will answer our concerns. Whether our health, a job situation, concerns regarding a loved one or solutions to the nation’s problems, we want to see change now. Yet the Lord’s timing is best. He is never early or late. His answer arrives on time, and in His perfect time. He is listening—and will answer—in ways beyond our understanding. As Paul wrote, God can do more than we ask or imagine.

It is for this reason that the American Pastors Network is embarking on a new prayer initiative we are calling “52 Tuesdays.” Earlier this month, the nation marked exactly one year until the crucial 2020 presidential election—possibly another turning point for our country. Therefore, we are entering into an important, yearlong “season of prayer.” We’re asking faithful Americans to pray with us on each of the Tuesdays leading up to the election—and every day in between. Prayer is the only solution to the nation’s problems and we hope millions across the nation will join with us in this prayer movement.

As we pray during this crucial time, consider these self-directed questions about prayer:

How should we pray for those who lead our nation? I Timothy Chapter 2 teaches us to intercede for our governing leaders. Yet many overlook the aspects of prayer the apostle Paul notes in this command. Praying for our governing leaders should result in believers leading “a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way.” When we ask for God’s blessings upon those who lead our communities and nation, we seek peace and the ability to live out our faith effectively in this world. Unfortunately, these goals are often missing in our attitudes and prayers regarding our political leaders. We tend to focus on personalities rather than on peace. Yet God’s desire includes our humble prayers for the salvation and wisdom for those in authority. Let’s remember to diligently ask the Lord to work in the lives of our nation’s leaders today.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Sam Rohrer