Rob Lowe and Kristin Davis Say New Netflix Film “Holiday in the Wild” Highlights the ‘Miracle’ of God’s Creation

The new Netflix film “Holiday in the Wild” highlights the “miracle” of God’s creation and reminds audiences that second chances are always possible, said stars Rob Lowe and Kristin Davis.

The romantic comedy, which released globally Nov. 1, stars Davis as Kate, a New York woman who books a second honeymoon with her husband when their son leaves for college. However, when Kate’s husband abruptly leaves her, she decides to travel to Zambia on her own. There, she helps a rough-around-the-edges pilot, Derek, (Lowe) rescue an orphaned baby elephant and thrives amid majestic animals and scenery.

Davis, who also served as an executive producer of the movie, is known for her longstanding commitment to elephant conservation. She told The Christian Post that bringing her passion to the big screen was “amazing and a miracle.”

“These animals were put on earth by God as well; it’s not just our earth, it’s their earth, and [all of it] is God’s. So we’re all together,” she shared. “And the fact that there are people devoting their lives to saving these baby animals who are orphans, and then releasing them into the wild where they should live, that is really their birthright, is a beautiful thing to me. And the fact that we can support it through our film is just really a miracle.”

Lowe’s youngest son, John Owen Lowe, also stars in the film as Davis’ son. “Anytime I get to work with my boy it’s good,” the actor said. “He’s just a really talented young actor and he and Kristin are so great in their scenes together. She loves him almost more than I do.”

Lowe told CP that his initial attraction to the film was Davis’ passion for preserving creation. “My draw to the movie was Kristin’s commitment to elephant conservation and how it’s such a legitimate part of her life,” he said. “This is sort of her dream project. It would never have happened, but for her hard work in this area. And I think that authenticity is what kind of you feel in the movie.”

A romantic comedy-meets-National Geographic film, “Holiday in the Wild” was filmed in South Africa, including at an elephant orphanage in Zambia. It features stunning shots of the region’s wildlife, including elephants, antelope, buffalo, giraffes, lions, monkeys, rhinoceros, warthogs, wildebeest and zebra.

According to filmmakers, one of the goals was to bring to light the elephant poaching and conservation battles in the African wilderness, issues Davis said are happening in real-time.

“[Viewers] may not be able to travel to Zambia or to South Africa like we did, but I wanted them to see how gorgeous it is and just see how cute those baby elephants are and how devoted the people are who are taking care of them and devoting their lives to it,” she explained.

“Like it’s real, everything that’s in the film is really happening right now.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leah MarieAnn Klett