Remorseless Bill Cosby Calls His Jurors Who Convicted Him ‘Impostors’ and Says He Was ‘Set Up’ in Defiant Jailhouse Interview Where He Jokingly Calls His Prison Cell a ‘Penthouse’

Bill Cosby called the jurors who convicted him ‘imposters’ and said he was in prison as the result of a ‘set-up’ in a defiant jailhouse interview released on Monday.

The 82-year-old comedian was sentenced to between three and 10 years in prison last September for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004. She was only one of dozens of women who said he had preyed on her but hers was the only allegation which was criminally prosecuted.

In a telephone interview with Black Press USA, Cosby said the jury was full of ‘imposters’ and that the entire case against him was ‘political’.

He suggested jurors had been paid to convict him, and said he would never show remorse for what he was accused of.

‘I have eight years and nine months left. When I come up for parole, they’re not going to hear me say that I have remorse.

‘It’s all a set up. That whole jury thing. They were imposters,’ Cosby said.

He claimed that before the trial began, a potential juror overheard a seated juror saying ‘he’s guilty, we can all go home now’, and that it proved he had been set-up – a previously unreported accusation.

‘Look at the woman who blew the whistle…Then she went in and came out smiling, it’s something attorneys will tell you is called a payoff,’ Cosby stated.

Cosby added that he was a ‘privileged man in prison’ and jokingly referred to his cell as a ‘penthouse’.

In prison, the disgraced comedian says he has found purpose by speaking to other inmates in a reform program.

‘I’m not a psychiatrist, and I’m not a psychologist.

‘I’m an educator, and what I look forward to is talking to this group of 400 or so men,’ he said.

Other inmates were interviewed and heaped praise on him.

‘Mr. Cosby comes into the room with his fist in the air and all of these men rise up and applaud him. He gives us so much wisdom…’ one said.

He went on to claim that when The Cosby Show was pulled from TV amid the accusations against him, it was an example of powerful forces trying to suppress the black community rather than a show of solidarity with his victims and denouncing of sexual deviancy.

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Source: Daily Mail