Rabbi Eric Tokajer on Why Believers May Be Missing the Most Significant Miracles God Performs

Have we been blinded so much that we’re missing out on the miracle of the presence of God? (Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash)

I love the miraculous. I love to see people healed, restored, financially blessed and strengthened supernaturally, like when I read through the Bible and see the 10 plagues, the Red Sea part, the fire consume Elijah’s offering and the dead raised.

Each time I read where G-D shows Himself working outside of the natural, it is encouraging and increases my faith to believe that He not only performed miracles in the pages of the Holy Scriptures, but He still performs miracles in the pages being written of our lives today.

Yet for me, some of the most miraculous events take place not when G-D does something for one of the heroes of our faith in the pages of our sacred texts, but when G-D simply joins with one of the people we read about in the Bible for a time of fellowship; when the Creator spends personal time with His creation.

One of my favorite verses in the New Testament is found in John 6:3 (TLV): “Then Yeshua went up the mountainside and sat down there with His disciples.”

This verse takes place right in the middle of some of the most powerful miracles that Yeshua performed in His earthly ministry. Yet right in the middle of these miracles, we find Yeshua demonstrating something equally miraculous. The G-D of eternity takes time to sit down on a mountainside with His disciples. In the blur of the signs and wonders taking place, we can totally miss out on the significance of this moment in time when the Creator spends personal time with His Creation.

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SOURCE: Charisma News