“Overcomer” Actor Cameron Arnett Hopes to Bring Awareness to Human Trafficking in “Don’t Say My Name”

Cameron Arnett, one of the stars of the hit faith-based film “Overcomer,” took on a new role that he’s passionate about — tackling the realities of human trafficking and what goes on after one is rescued from the sex trade.

Don’t Say My Name,” inspired by true stories, tells the story of human trafficking survivor Adriana after she “bravely escapes her captors.”

“We’ll follow her harrowing journey of survival as she navigates the road to recovery and healing,” the film’s synopsis reads.

“Tackling an epidemic is never easy, but it’s always worthwhile,” Arnett told The Christian Post on Monday.

The 34-year acting veteran plays a Homeland Security investigator in “Don’t Say My Name” and is hoping to spread the word on the facts behind this form of slavery.

“Join us and let’s make sure the names of our loved ones never have to be said,” he said.

According to the film’s crowdfunding page, two children are sex trafficked every 60 seconds and 10 will be stolen and enslaved every five minutes on average. A staggering statistic announced on NBC’s “Today” show in 2016 revealed that every 30 seconds on average someone falls victim to sex trafficking. According to UNICEF, more than a million children are trafficked each year.

“Don’t Say My Name” gives viewers a first-hand account of what happens once someone escapes captivity.

“It is thought that up to 90 percent of victims are never rescued. And for the 10% that are returned home, PTSD, depression and suicide are the norm as they struggle to re-enter society, many without any resources within reach to give them any hope of healing,” the movie site shared.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law