National Chinese Caucus of the UMC Supports Traditional Stance Against Homosexuality, Same-sex Marriage, and Ordination of Non-celibate LGBT Clergy

Rev. Puong Ong Lau, right, outside of his church (Photo credit: The Oklahoman)

The National Chinese Caucus of The United Methodist Church recently passed a statement in support of the mainline Protestant denomination’s traditional stance on LGBT issues.

In recent years, the UMC has experienced divisive debate over its official position against homosexuality, same-sex marriage and the ordination of noncelibate gay clergy.

In February, at a special session of General Conference, a majority of UMC delegates approved the “Traditional Plan,” which affirmed the official position and promised stricter enforcement.

At their biannual meeting held last month, the National Chinese Caucus passed a statement in support of the “Traditional Plan” for the UMC, with 41 votes in favor, 3 abstentions, and 0 nays.

“We support the decision of the 2019 Special General Conference and disagree with all actions contrary to the 2019 decision,” read the brief statement.

John Lomperis, a UMC delegate who writes for the theologically conservative Institute on Religion and Democracy, commented on the NCC’s statement.

“This recent development is further indication that as our denomination moves towards some sort of separation, whichever new group rejects biblical teachings on this matter will be less ethnically diverse, and less effective in reaching newer immigrant communities in a demographically changing America,” stated Lomperis.

On Feb. 26, UMC special session delegates voted 438-384 to approve a “Traditional Plan” for the denomination regarding their debate over homosexuality and gay marriage.

Delegates also rejected another proposal called the “One Church Plan,” which would have, among other things, allowed regional bodies to determine their stance on the issue.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski