National Baptist Convention of America Comes Out In Support For Reparations and Controversial Black Movement

National Baptist Convention of America logo

The National Baptist Convention of America (NBCA) has announced its support of the American Descendants Of Slavery (ADOS) movement to gain reparations for Black Americans. The convention has a membership of over 3.5 million, according to NBCA President Samuel Tolbert Jr.

Tolbert confirmed the news via Twitter by retweeting a post from Simmons College President Kevin Crosby, who is also a NBCA member.

In Crosby’s original tweet, he wrote, “The 3.5 Million member National Baptist Convention Of America, International under the leadership of @ssamtolbert is strongly getting behind @BreakingBrown and @tonetalks and the ADOS movement! Pastors and churches in our Convention are being exposed to ados! #adoschurchcode”

When sharing Crosby’s tweet Tolbert added, “NBCA is looking forward to the partnership with ADOS. A change is coming in America and the black church (NBCA) will be involved through ADOS.”

The news was met with mixed reactions. Some users welcomed NBCA’s involvement, while others were skeptical. Supporters replied with comments like “We absolutely need the church involved!” and “No Weapon formed against #ADOS shall Prosper! Thank you!”

Others urged the NBCA to do more research on ADOS before throwing its support behind ADOS.

“This is wreckless leadership. You have no idea how problematic this fake #ADOS movement is to the Black community. They hate Black immigrants, praise @realDonaldTrump and are being driven by #Russian bot as a way to divide the Black community. Brother, do your research,” wrote Twitter user Archange Antoine.

“Are you aware that you are partnering with a group whose founder spent the last 3.5 years on the board of a white nationalist think tank? Or that ADOS founders spread hateful anti-African bigotry…demanding that Africans show their “lineage”? This is the change you want?” asked a Twitter user identified as Ms. Imani.

ADOS founders Yvette Carnell and Antonio Moore expressed appreciation for the support. “Thank you sir,” Carnell tweeted with emojis. “Wow do you all understand what this means 3 million black church goers pushing for #ados,” Moore added.

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Source: Moguldom