Michael Brown on Christian Supporters of Trump, the President Can Defend Himself


The progression is clear and undeniable.

For many Bible-loving followers of Jesus, Donald Trump was our last choice for the Republican nomination.

We didn’t like his past. We were appalled with some of his comments. And we didn’t trust him to keep his promises. Those were certainly my sentiments during the primaries.

Things changed for many of us when he became the Republican candidate, since, in our view, a Hillary Clinton presidency would have been disastrous. It was at this time I began to write articles like, “Why I’m Actually Rooting for Donald Trump” and “Why I Will Vote for Donald Trump.” (For a collection of 100 relevant articles, see here.)

Come election day, we voted for him. But still, for many of us, there was great trepidation.

How would he behave once elected? Would he live up to his campaign commitments to evangelicals? And would the good he would do outweigh the bad?

So, we were with him, but cautiously.

Then, he was elected, and it really appeared as if the Lord had a special hand in getting him in. The scenario was so unlikely and Hillary Clinton’s political machine so formidable that his election seemed impossible.

But there he was, victorious. Maybe God does have a plan to use him!

So, our sentiments shifted a little more in his favor. And yet, we remained cautious.

Then, three things happened.

First, his presidency came under instant, unrelenting, over-the-top attack. It came from the leftist media. It came from other political leaders. It came from social media. The man is evil! The man must go!

That, in turn, triggered a response in us. “We will defend our man! You’re trying to get rid of the man we voted to be president.” Our caution was now replaced by loyalty. You attack him, you attack us.

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SOURCE: Charisma News