Kendra Semmen on How You May Be Opening Doors to Demons Without Even Realizing It

(Photo by Omar Herrera on Unsplash)

There are many ways by which we can open doors to Satan that we need to be aware of, says prophetic minister Kathy DeGraw. One of those ways is deception. We should be careful not to believe everything we hear, but to question it and line it up with Scripture—even if a pastor or prophet said it.

“Deception can come through Jezebel spirits, it can come through wrong teaching, it can come from entry points that we establish in our lives. There’s a lot of different ways that we could be deceived and we need to test the spirits. We need to close those doors. We need to pray about what conference or event or teaching or church that we’re going to, so that deception does not come.

“Man, when a prophet comes into town, it’s not our job to run to them for a prophetic word—we should be running to God for words. If we get a prophetic word from a prophet, that is definitely a bonus. But we need to make sure that before we run to that conference or event, we’re praying and making sure they’re legit and the real thing.”

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SOURCE: Charisma News