Kanye West’s 50-Minute Opera Nebuchadnezzar Gets Underway 2 Hours Late at Hollywood Bowl – and the Rapper Waits Until the Curtain Call to Appear in Front Audience Including Brad Pitt and Kendall Jenner

Throughout the Biblical performance, the Sunday Service founder narrated all of the action from highlighted pages of the Book of Daniel, left. He also all 12 pages of the sacred text for the viewing pleasure of his 29.4M following

Kanye West only physically appeared onstage the Hollywood Bowl once Sunday during his so-called opera Nebuchadnezzar – for the climactic curtain call.

And the 42-year-old rapper-designer kept the LA audience waiting more than two hours for the one-night only show – technically classified as an oratorio – to begin.

But the Sunday Service founder did narrate all of the action from highlighted pages of the Book of Daniel throughout the Biblical performance, which was streamed live on Tidal.

Sister-in-law Kendall Jenner, Chance the Rapper and Brad Pitt were also all in the audience to lend their support to the rapper.

Normally elusive on social media, Kanye tweeted all 12 pages of the sacred text for the viewing pleasure of his 29.4M following.

West cast Shopping Spree rapper Sheck Wes to portray the titular ancient king while clad in a striking purple ensemble.

The Calabasas father-of-four first enlisted the Harlem born 21-year-old (real name Khadimou Rassoul Cheikh Fall) to model his Yeezy Season 3 collection back in 2016.

Other featured performers included guitarist-singer Peter Collins and the gospel group Infinity’s Song.

After the show was delayed by more than two hours, fans reportedly began to chant: ‘We want Kanye.’

A number were also disappointed by the show, Pitchfork reports, telling the website they expected more of West’s music. But another said: ‘I really loved it and I have a newfound respect for Kanye I’m going to start attending Sunday Service.’

Classical music critic Mark Swed told The LA Times: ‘What this Nebuchadnezzar lacked was a strong or original point of view other than mere description.’

Pop music critic Mikael Wood added: ‘If this thing had a story, it was pretty hard to tell. The problem for Kanye, of course, is that when he wants to be, he’s a great rapper — by turns funny, profane, sentimental and energizing.

‘But this didn’t allow much of his gift to come through. Perhaps he’ll stick with opera and put more of himself in the next one. After all, who’s more operatic a pop star?’

The New York Times said it ‘wasn’t really an opera, and it wasn’t really good’.

The fact the performance was two hours later than scheduled also drew some criticism online.

One fan called it bad, another said it was the ‘most Kanye thing ever’.

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Source: Daily Mail