Jessica Prol Smith on Lorie Loves All Things Creative But Colorado Wants to Silence Her Because of Her Biblical Beliefs

“Lorie loves all things creative…” It’s a simple line Lorie Smith uses to introduce herself and her small business, 303 Creative, to the world.

Lorie’s a native Coloradan, and the “303” in the name of her web and graphic design company offer a nod to the Denver metro area—the area code for the businesses, nonprofits, and individuals she serves.

But in a state known for exquisite natural beauty and warm welcome to a diverse set of visitors, adventurers, and entrepreneurs, Lorie is getting Colorado’s cold shoulder.

It’s ironic that the Centennial State—welcomed into the union 100 years after the Declaration of Independence—is now censoring its own citizens, mandating that anyone who runs a business must either keep quiet or express full-throated agreement with the state’s new orthodoxy.

If you look at Lorie’s website, you’ll find a digital collage of causes she’s eager to support. Lorie comes from a family of entrepreneurs, and after years of marketing and branding for other companies, she launched her own business—specifically because she wanted to exercise more creative control over her projects. As the sole owner and operator of 303 Creative, Lorie directs the scope, mission, and priorities of her business. But not if Colorado has its way.

Lorie’s websites have a purpose and a strategy. Like any web designer, Lorie chooses colors, designs logos, and employs code in order to serve her clients and to convey messages in the most compelling ways possible. Lorie’s contact page serves as the first of many conversations between client and creator. While clients often come with only a basic idea of what they want, Lorie transforms those ideas into tangible graphics, logos, and websites.

Lorie would love to carry those skills over into the wedding industry—to help couples design a website that uniquely tells a story about their wedding. She carries joyful memories from her own wedding and wants to walk with engaged couples and celebrate marriages through her custom websites.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jessica Prol Smith