In New Book, Audio Adrenaline Frontman Mark Stuart Shares How Losing His Voice and His Marriage Helped Him Discover God’s Purpose for His Life

At the height of his career, Mark Stuart seemingly had it all. 

The lead singer of the popular Christian rock band Audio Adrenaline, Stuart was on the frontlines when the Christian music scene exploded in the early 1990s. Known for hits like “Big House” and “Ocean Floor,” the group sold out stadiums all over the world, won Grammy and Dove Awards, and even celebrated an album going certified Gold.

But according to Stuart, something was missing.

“We were considered an A-list Christian band; we were headlining our own tours and festivals, we had just won two Grammys and sold millions of records,” the 51-year-old artist told The Christian Post. “But for me, there was always an underlying sense of doom.”

“I’ve never said this before, but I always had a fear that we were going to be found out as imposters, that we weren’t good enough, that there would always be someone who could sing better, or was more in tune with the Lord, or better able to deliver the Gospel. I always felt like everything was about to fall apart.”

In January 2006, Audio Adrenaline sent shockwaves through the Christian community when they announced that they had decided to split up after almost 20 years together. The reason for the decision, the band revealed, was devastating: Stuart’s signature raspy voice was giving out due to vocal cord damage caused by a disorder known as spasmodic dysphonia.

Around the same time, Stuart’s wife informed him their marriage was over. Within a short period of time, the singer said, “I lost control of everything: my music, my voice, my marriage.”

“God definitely used Audio Adrenaline; it was an incredible ministry,” the Tennessee native said. “But the whole time, I was under an illusion that it was something I had accomplished rather than living in the moment of ‘wow, look what God has done.’”

“When you’re living from a perspective of ‘look what I’ve accomplished’ or worried about what you can lose, you’re living from a small perspective. You’ve given your life to thinking about yourself rather than giving glory to the One who created it all. So when I lost it all, I felt completely undone.”

Desperate to find meaning in his life, Stuart traveled to Haiti to help with Audio Adrenaline’s ministry, the Hands and Feet Project. When the devastating 2010 earthquake hit, media learned he was present and sought him out for interviews.

“I jumped into that ministry wholeheartedly and ironically became the unofficial voice for Haitians,” Stuart reflected. “It was like God said to me, ‘Mark, I’m not done with you. You still have a voice. Audio A was one part of a bigger story, but it is not your identity. I am your identity.’”

For the next several years, Stuart focused on serving the orphaned and abandoned children of Haiti through the ministry the band had founded. “Everything flipped for me. I had the privilege of losing everything to gain perspective,” he shared. “God became bigger and more good in the midst of losing everything. For the first time in my life, God became bigger than me. My life became complete.”

Now remarried, Stuart and his wife, Aegis, adopted two children — Journey and Christela, both 12.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leah MarieAnn Klett