Hundreds of Students Expected to Attend Conference at Wheaton College Aimed at Advancing Evangelical-Muslim Dialogue

Neighborly Faith and CRU co-host an interfaith lunch discussion with the Muslim Student Association at the University of Illinois at Chicago in October 2019. | Courtesy of Neighborly Faith

Hundreds of students are expected to attend a conference at Wheaton College aimed at helping evangelicals and Muslims to more effectively communicate and understand each other. 

The Neighborly Faith Conference will be held at Wheaton on Friday and Saturday, but is not being hosted or sponsored by the college. It will feature both evangelical and Muslim speakers.

Kevin Singer, co-director of Neighborly Faith, told The Christian Post that while the organization has hosted smaller interfaith events, this will be their first larger scale conference, with 350 students and staff expected to attend.

Singer provided The Christian Post with a press release about the conference which notes: “Christians are called to love all of their neighbors, yet 91% of evangelicals say their current friends are ‘mostly similar’ to them when it comes to religious beliefs. Perhaps this is why 62% of evangelicals recently reported anti-Muslim sentiment in their own communities. According to the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, ‘Evangelical Christian and Muslim relations is the greatest interreligious challenge in America today.’”

Scheduled speakers for the conference include: Luke Goodrich of the Becket Fund; Kristen Deede Johnson of Western Theology Seminary; Matthew Soerens of World Relief; Jennifer McNutt of Wheaton College; and Daniel Darling of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski