How SAT-7 Crossed Culture and Generations

While American kids in the early 2000s grew up watching Kim Possible, their counterparts in North Africa and the Middle East tuned in to SAT-7KIDS. This Christian kids programming continues today, and the connection it creates crosses cultures and generations.

SAT-7 KIDS’ parent organization began in 1995.  SAT-7, a satellite TV witness to the Middle East and North Africa, creates locally-produced content that reaches 25 countries in Arabic, Persian, and Turkish. Greatly expanded from its original form, programming is available 24-7 via SAT-7 apps and is reaching a new generation.

When SAT-7 KIDS began in 2004, kid friendly satellite TV was a new concept in the region. Today, SAT-7 has greatly expanded its reach, offering constant programming access via the SAT-7 apps. These apps are a powerful tool for sharing God’s love with a new generation and connecting with the old. Learn more about SAT-7 here.

A Childhood Memory

Dennis Wiens, SAT-7 USA’s Vice President for Ministry Partnerships, recently saw this connection play out in real time. As is Wiens’ habit, he had stopped at a Middle Eastern restaurant in South Florida. There he struck up a conversation with an employee about a picture of Beirut on the wall. When the employee asked if Wiens had been to Beirut, he pulled up the SAT-7KIDS app and the man’s demeanor changed.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kali Katerberg