Episcopal Diocese of New York to Create Task Force to Oversee $1.1 Million Slavery Reparations Fund

Bishop Andrew Dietsche of the Episcopal Diocese of New York, giving remarks at the diocesan convention in November 2019. | Nicholas Richardson

A diocese of The Episcopal Church has decided to create a task force aimed at distributing approximately $1.1 million set aside to pay for slavery reparations.

The Episcopal Diocese of New York approved the creation of a task force at their diocesan convention in Tarrytown last Saturday. The task force is presently in the process of being set up.

A spokesperson for the Diocese directed The Christian Post to an address made by Bishop Andrew Dietsche at the convention, in which he argued that his diocese “played a significant, and genuinely evil, part in American slavery.”

“We have records of churches in our diocese which owned men and women as parish servants or as property assets. Churches whose wealth was built on the traffic in human beings. Sojourner Truth was enslaved in this diocese,” said Dietsche.

“So what we engage to do must be systemic, a remedy for a whole people, and for a church — white and black and brown and Asian — trying to come back to itself across the divide of a terrible history.”

Dietsche recommended that the task force consider putting the $1.1 million reparations to good use in the form of education projects and academic aid.

“I do not want to dictate to the task force the deliberations which will come. But may I say that this money could produce five ten-thousand-dollar college or seminary scholarships every year in perpetuity,” he suggested.

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Source: Christian Post