Deer With Three Antlers Captured on Camera in Michigan

A retired Michigan legislator went into the woods to capture wildlife. He ended up with images of a rare three-antlered deer.

Steven Lindberg, 75, was out walking with his Shih Tzu-bichon frise mix in the woods near his home in Marquette, Mich., over the weekend. He has made a habit of taking along his camera while exercising his beloved pup, Max, he said.

Lindberg had taken some pictures of a river otter earlier in the walk, which the amateur photographer was happy about, he said.

“It’s kind of hard to find something different to take a picture of,” he said of his wildlife photography hobby. “Then, I spotted this deer.

He didn’t realize the stag had three antlers when he was taking its picture because trying to capture a moving subject with the backdrop of the outdoors can be challenging, he said.

The unusual deer didn’t mind his photo shoot, as he was more interested in a nearby doe lying down in the woods. The stag was very watchful of her, Lindberg said.

“I was moving around trying to get a better perspective of him,” he said. “If I got too close to her, he wasn’t too happy.”

He snapped dozens of photos of the deer with his camera and telephoto lens, but Lindberg said he never got the perfect picture.

It wasn’t until he got home and uploaded the images onto his computer that he realized what he had captured. He had never seen an animal like that.

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SOURCE: The Washington Post, Lateshia Beachum