Colorado on the Cusp of Legalizing Sports Gambling

Colorado is on the cusp of legalizing sports gambling after voters Tuesday (Nov. 5) narrowly approved a ballot measure that also taxes casino proceeds 10 percent to benefit water conservation and storage.

Christians have opposed the measure that legislators voted to place before the electorate.

While the measure passed by only 1 percent of the vote, Colorado Director of Elections Judd Choate told Baptist Press the spread is well outside the margin requiring a recount. About 150,000 ballots remain to be counted, he said, but are in heavily populated areas that have overwhelmingly approved the measure.

The state anticipates the measure to pass by a substantially larger margin than the 13,000 current vote difference, Choate told BP. Colorado would be the 19th state, in addition to Washington D.C., to legalize sports betting, according to reports.

Bruce Hausknecht, a legal analyst for Focus on the Family, said the measure promotes gambling’s deceptive lure.

“Proposition DD offers false promises that disguise the harsh reality behind gambling,” Hausknecht told the Colorado Sun in advance of election day. “Gambling’s effects on the family can be devastating. It promotes poverty, crime and family breakdown, including divorce.”

Southern Baptists have a legacy of opposing gambling. The Southern Baptist Convention has passed 18 resolutions focused on and highlighting the sin and dangers of gambling, most recently in 2017.

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Source: Baptist Press