Church in Minnesota Removes Tapestry Depicting the First Thanksgiving That They Deemed Racially Insensitive

A Church in Minnesota has taken the controversial decision to remove a large embroidery from its sanctuary after the leadership deemed it to be racially insensitive.

Plymouth Congregational Church of Minneapolis voted to back the leaders in the decision to have the “First Thanksgiving” embroidery taken down, despite it being on display since 1974.

In an email obtained by the Christian Post, the church explained that the “Churchmen in the New World” tapestry was taken away as a result of the leadership’s “commitment to racial justice and our desire to be inclusive of all people’s history.”

“We may differ on how that can be done, but the shared commitment has been visible at Plymouth from the beginning,” they added. “[Sunday’s] vote is not the conclusion of our work but the continuation of work started at the inception of this church. Every generation is responsible for how this gets carried out.”

According to the Star Tribune, the embroidery depicts “Pilgrims and Native Americans gathered around a table,” which the church sees as historically inaccurate and insensitive to Native American history. They are also disturbed by the presence of “a slave ship with people being led away,” the outlet noted.

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Source: Christian Headlines