Christian Printing Company in Alabama Refuses to Print College Student Magazine Promoting LGBT Messages and Drag Queens

A Christian publishing company in Alabama is receiving heat from mainstream media outlets after it refused to print an issue of a college student magazine that promotes LGBT messages, which goes against the company’s religious convictions.  

Mobile-based Interstate Printing has been printing Due South magazine, a student-publication affiliated with the University of South Alabama, since 2012, according to Due South Editor-in-Chief Sara Boone. But the company declined to print the most recent issue of the magazine that featured stories about LGBT students and drag queens, reported.

The issue also featured writing that focused on race, disability and religion.

“They emailed me back and said they would be exercising their right to decline printing this issue because it does not adhere to their Christian values and they hope to print with us in the future,” Boone was quoted as saying, adding that the company quoted a cost of $5,000 to print 3,500 copies.

“It’s very ironic for me because this particular issue of Due South is a special topics issue on diversity and inclusion. And it’s the very first special topics issue that we have ever produced. For them to decline printing it because it’s so diverse and the content is incredibly ironic,” Boone added.

A representative with Interstate Printing told The Christian Post that the company could offer “no comment” on Boone’s claims at this time.

Boone shared with news outlets an email she received from Tracy Smith of Interstate Printing explaining the company’s decision.

“As the magazine expresses freedom of lifestyles, we must express our freedom by declining to print on the principle that we are a Christian company that does not adhere to the content,” Smith wrote. “We value the 40-plus years [of] relationship we have with the University of South Alabama and look forward to continuing our work with USA on other print and mail service projects.”

In an interview with NBC News, Boone contended that Interstate Printing’s rejection “is more than having personal beliefs.”

“This is actively discriminating against a group of people and trying to silence their stories,” Boone argued.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Samuel Smith