Bridge of Hope Helps a Poor Grandmother and Her Two Orphaned Granddaughters

These two orphan girls now have a future thanks to the Bridge of Hope program

Gnana clearly remembers the day her granddaughters moved in. The burden of caring for them became a heavy weight on her elderly frame. At age 70, how was she possibly going to provide for and look after a 3-year-old and a newborn?

Gospel For Asia (www.gfa.orf) says that less than two months earlier, the little girl’s father had finally succumbed to cancer. His death was a severe blow to their mother, who was still pregnant with her youngest. With no husband or father to provide for the poor family, fear compounded their grief.

Three-year-old Masara watched her mother mourn the death of her father. Masara’s mother prayed day and night to give birth to a son who could one day become the man of the house. Only a son would bring a glimmer of happiness to the family, she believed. But 15 days after her father’s death, Serena was born, a beautiful girl who shattered the little hope of happiness the family still had.

The family did not know how things could get any worse.

However, after giving birth to a second daughter, Masara and Serena’s mother developed jaundice. Because of the family’s poverty, they could not afford the treatment at the hospital needed to save her life. She died when her baby was just 20 days old. In 35 days, Masara and Serena lost everything.

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SOURCE: Assist News