Actress Sharon Stone Sues Rapper Chanel West Coast Over “Sharon Stoned” Track

The artist released the song in 2018, and the actress alleges it “gratuitously repeats the name ‘Sharon Stone’ thirty-three times and the name ‘Sharon’ ninety-nine times.”

Famous name drops in rap songs are far from uncommon, but Sharon Stone is suing Chanel West Coast for using her moniker dozens of times in a song called “Sharon Stoned.”

The actress says the aspiring rapper is trying to capitalize on her “extraordinary level of popularity and fame.” In addition to listing her credits from Basic Instinct to The Disaster Artist and award nominations and wins, Stone’s complaint also references honors she has received for her philanthropic work. Because of the reputation she has built, Stone says she “maintains strict control” over how her name and likeness are used.

Enter Chelsea Dudley, known as Chanel West Coast. The 31-year-old rapper released her first mixtape in 2013 and dropped “Sharon Stoned” in 2018. The first 30 seconds contain no words other than “Sharon” or “Stone(d),” and “Sharon Sharon Sharon Stone(d)” is repeated on loop several times throughout the remainder of the track.

Stone says the “mantra-like repetition” of her name is an example of Dudley’s “penchant for glomming onto celebrity icons.”

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SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter – Ashley Cullins