WATCH: Voice of the Martyrs Demands Malaysia Reveal the Truth About Mysterious Abduction of Pastor Raymond Koh

Pastor Raymond Koh’s kidnapping remains a mystery. | (PHOTO:CHANGE.ORG)

Two years after the abduction of pastor Raymond Koh, Voice of the Martyrs is urging Christians worldwide to demand the Malaysian government reveal the truth about his mysterious disappearance.

In February 2017, Koh was driving in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, when his car was surrounded by three black SUVs, forced to a sudden stop and he was abducted in a well-organized, military-style operation. Footage of the 40-second abduction was captured on CCTV from nearby houses.

Since that day, Koh has not been seen or heard from, and his car was never found.

Prior to his abduction, Koh had been accused of preaching to Muslims and received threats in the mail such as bullets sent to his home, according to Open Doors. Evangelizing Muslims is a crime under the southeast Asian nation’s strict Islamic legal code.

While the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia admitted that a special police intelligence team was responsible for the “forced disappearance,” no one has been arrested for the kidnapping, and Koh remains missing.

Now, Voice of the Martyrs, a nonprofit organization serving persecuted Christians since 1967, has launched Release, calling on Christians around the world to demand the Malaysian government reveal the truth.

“We, pastor Raymond’s fellow Christians from around the world, call on your government to release any and all information related to the forced disappearance of pastor Raymond Koh, including any involvement of policemen from the Special Branch,” the petition reads in part.

“We demand pastor Raymond’s immediate release and safe return to his family. Finally, we call for justice. Those responsible for his disappearance must be held accountable for this inhumane crime.”

According to a press release sent to The Christian Post, signed petitions will be hand-carried by VOM staff to the Malaysian embassy in Washington, D.C.

“I pray that a growing chorus of voices from around the world will lead to pastor Raymond’s freedom and to a full explanation for his abduction, said Todd Nettleton, VOM’s spokesperson and host of VOM Radio.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leah MarieAnn Klett