WATCH: Gunshots Fired at Dallas Vigil for Victim of Shooting at Greenville Homecoming Party

A shooting happened after the vigil for Kevin Berry Sunday night in the parking lot of St. Augustine Park.

Berry was one of the people shot and killed in a shooting at a homecoming party in Greenville Saturday night.

WFAA’s Matt Howerton and photojournalist Matt McNew were covering the Sunday vigil and took the following video once they got to safety. Howerton said he heard dozens of gunshots:

Howerton said that multiple news crews took cover at the scene and that they were OK once the shooting was over.

Dallas police are now investigating the shooting.

Police sources also told WFAA they didn’t know the vigil was happening tonight, or else they would have had squad cars at the event.

In a statement Sunday night, Dallas police said the shots were fired around 8:07 p.m. No injuries have been reported at this time, but several vehicles were damaged, police said.

Kevin Berry was a 23-year-old father of two with another baby on the way, his mother told WFAA Sunday. He was at the party in Greenville after taking his kids to see their mother. He died in his brother’s arms, his mother said.

There is no other information available about the shooting at this time. Check back here for updates.