WATCH: Al Mohler Says Complementarian Theology ‘Can and Sometimes Has’ Led to Abuse of Women in the Church, Emphasizes That Southern Baptists Must ‘Take Responsibility’ for Ignoring Those Who Spoke Out About Sexual Abuse

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President Albert Mohler Jr. delivers a chapel address at Southern Seminary on October 15, 2019. | YouTube/Screengrab

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President Albert Mohler Jr. has said that complementarian theology “can and sometimes has” led to the abuse of women in the church and stressed that the SBC must “take responsibility” for failing to hear the cries of those who have spoken of such abuse.

During a chapel message delivered at Southern Seminary on Oct. 15, Mohler answered the question: “Is complementarianism a cause of the abuse of women and girls?”

Complementarian theology is the idea that women have distinct roles in the family and church and are forbidden from holding certain offices in the church.

“It can be, and it sometimes is,” Mohler admitted. “Sinful men will use anything in vanity and in anger, in sin of every form. Sinful men will distort anything and will take advantage of any argument that seems to their advantage, even to the abuse of women.

“Some men have cited complementarian doctrine as an excuse for lording over their wives rather than leading and serving,” he said, “and even taking advantage to the point of abuse and denying that abuse is abuse.”

Southern Baptists, he stressed, must “take responsibility” for their doctrine and recognize “it can be abused in such a way that women are hurt and abused and not advocated for and not believed.”

“There is a real sex abuse crisis in our midst,” he warned. “It is our responsibility to make certain not only that we hold to biblical doctrine — that’s not negotiable — but that our doctrine is fully biblical and demonstrates the Spirit of Christ and the fullness of what the Bible calls us to.

“We need to recognize that we have sinned against women when we have allowed complementarian to be presented in a way that implies male superiority and leads in sinfulness to male tyranny and terror and sin,” Mohler declared.

“We need to take responsibility for the fact that we as a denomination, as churches, have often failed to hear the cries of women who have spoken of their abuse, and we bear the responsibility for a failure to deal adequately, christianly, responsively as husbands who love their wives as Christ loves the church should respond to the cries of any women.”

“Thus, we have work to do,” he stated.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leah MarieAnn Klett