Virginia Teacher Who Was Fired for Not Using Transgender Pronouns Says School Officials ‘Do Not Want to Listen’ to His Perspective

A high school French teacher who’s suing the Virginia school district that fired him because he opted to use a trans-identified student’s chosen name instead of their preferred pronouns, is blasting the district’s decision.

In a scathing op-ed published by The Washington Times on Tuesday, Peter Vlaming spoke out against the West Point School Board’s decision, saying that officials “did not want to listen” to his side or the perspectives of his supporters.

“They didn’t want to listen to my students and their parents, or to the clear directives of our state constitution (and Virginia law), or to what I tried to explain to them with my words and in the way I lived out my professional life on the West Point High School campus,” Vlaming wrote.

“Indeed, the administrators proved themselves deaf to virtually everything but the current political mandate which decrees that only one perspective on gender identity is to be accommodated.”

According to Vlaming, he allowed his female student who identifies as male to use a male French name during class and agreed to not refer to the student with feminine pronouns.

“Though I’d been trying hard not to offend this student, it wasn’t enough. When school officials understood that I wasn’t proactively using male pronouns with this female student, they told me that I’d have to immediately make a concerted effort to do so or risk losing my job,” he continued.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski