Utah Man Shoots Dead His Mother Before Livestreaming Horrific Aftermath on Facebook

Graciela Holker with her 24-year-old son Jeffrey Langford. He called police to claim his mother shot herself three times in the face at their home

A Utah man has been arrested after allegedly shooting his mother and streaming the horrific aftermath on Facebook Live.

Jeffrey Antonio Langford was taken into custody after police were called to his home in North Salt Lake, Utah, on Saturday.

Officers were responding to a call at around 7.10pm about a woman – 45-year-old Graciela Holker – who had reportedly committed suicide.

Police also reportedly received a social media message from a man inside the apartment stating a female had killed herself and that the caller would then shoot himself.

Over three Facebook Live videos, Langford appeared to tell the camera, while smeared in blood, that his mother shot herself ‘in the face’, but was not dead and that he had to ‘finish the job’ to stop her suffering.

One video showed the woman seemingly dead as he held her head up to the camera, before saying while crying he was ‘not going to jail’, Deseret News reported.

In interviews with police, the 24-year-old said his mother first slit her own throat before turning a gun on herself three times in front of him. Langford initially told police he never touched the gun.

But he then admitted he did shoot her because he ‘did not want her to be in pain or be a vegetable’, according to the affidavit.

The police affidavit read: ‘The male in the video states that he didn’t do this and she shot herself right in front of me. The male keeps filming himself and says she’s not dead, I have to finish it.’

When officers arrived at the scene, Langford allegedly left the apartment, covered in what appeared to be blood and that he ‘exhibited signs of being intoxicated’.

An officer wrote in an affidavit: ‘Jeffrey had a reddish-brown substance on his face and clothing consistent in appearance to blood.’

Langford claimed his mother had been drinking and shot herself in the head, but investigators said the three videos posted online showed his mother ‘would be unable to manipulate a firearm and fire another shot to her head’.

Holker was found dead in the apartment between her couch and coffee table, suffering from at least one gunshot wound, near where a revolver was found, police said.

Langford reportedly gave conflicting information to police, telling officers when they found casings in his room that he, ‘removed the gun from Holker’s hand, unloaded the spent casings, and reloaded the revolver’, according to local media.

He also told police he feared Holker would shoot him as the pair had been drinking together and he had taken the sedative Klonopin, according to ABC4.

Investigators said when they asked Langford what happened at the end of his videos, ‘he paused for a time but later admitted that he did shoot her after the video’, according to police records.

He allegedly told officers he posted the Facebook videos as ‘a call for help’ and that he was going to kill himself, which was why the revolver hammer was in the cocked position again.

An officer wrote in the police report: ‘The handgun was in the victim’s right hand; however it was not consistent with a suicide.

‘I asked him to tell me more. Jeffrey stated his mom did shoot herself in front of him…but she was still alive and in pain.

‘Jeffrey stated he did not want her to be in pain or be a vegetable, so he shot her once in the back of the head with the revolver while she was still alive.’

Langford was arrested and charged with first-degree murder, obstruction of justice and a misdemeanor count of carrying a dangerous weapon under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Chris Dyer