Top Careers to Help You Give Back to Your Community

A young Barack Obama as a community organizer in Chicago

Giving back to your community and helping those within it overcome adversity is one of the best ways to lift up those around you and bring together everyone. Not all communities are like this, unfortunately, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something to be done. Change is always a possibility, and you can be the face of that change. From big roles to small, here are some of the top careers to help you do the Christian thing and give back to your community:

Top Careers

Choose a career that can support you and your family while also championing and helping those around you, such as:

Guidance Counselor

Teachers and other educators or youth workers can work in a one-on-one setting to help children directly through all the problems they are facing, from bullying to mental health, to problems at home. To become a guidance counselor, you will need to complete a school counselor masters program online, but as it can be done at any location, independently, you can complete this while maintaining your current job.

Community Center Organizer

Community centers offer youth a safe place to go and grow. By working for a community center, you can put your current skills to good use in a variety of ways. You could either host a group that kids can go to every day after school, or you can work to improve the management and finances of the community center so that more work may be done for the community.


A nurse or other healthcare professional is there for those in her community during the worst times. A short course will get you in the door, but to move up the career ladder you will need to be committed to taking on a BSN, MSN, then specialize further.


To change public policy, you will want to look towards working within the political sector. Though not for everyone, this is the one career path that can help you make systematic changes happen.

Social Worker

Though not glamorous and not thanked, social workers are there to protect at-risk kids from abusive households. It is a hard job, but when you help a child escape an abusive home and relocate them to a loving family, your work will be well rewarded.

How to Help Your Community Outside of a Career

If you wish to do more for your community outside of those positions or are not in the right place to change careers, then you have other options available to you:


Volunteer at your local church, especially if they have programs designed to help the less fortunate in your community. This could involve working at the soup kitchen, volunteering to collect donations and dispersing them to the poor, or working with organizations to offer a new service that relates to your profession. You could offer internships, apprenticeships, or even just be an advisor for the youth in your neighborhood.

Organize Community Groups

If you want to start a group or organization yourself, do so! You could work together and get people to help improve your community in so many ways, from helping the poor to cleaning up the trash.

Giving back and helping others is one of the most Christian ways to live your life, and it will give light and love to many others in your community.

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