Tony Evans Asks for Prayers for Supernatural Intervention as ‘Chemotherapy and Radiation Are No Longer Options’ for Lois Evans’ Fight Against Biliary Cancer

Pastor Tony Evans is asking for all people of faith to pray for a supernatural intervention as his wife battles to defeat cancer despite chemotherapy no longer being an option. 

The Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship senior pastor shared the update in a letter written to his ministry friends and partners concerning his wife’s medical condition.

Evans wrote, “Lois spent all of last week in the hospital due to severe pain related to her biliary cancer. The doctors were able to manage the pain, and they released her from the hospital for home care.”

Last week, Evans posted a video showing prayer warriors outside the family’s home praying for 24 hours on rotation, believing for a miracle for Lois.

The minister declared he is clinging to the promises of God more than ever because medical remedies are no longer responding.

“Even though chemotherapy and radiation are no longer options, we still have total confidence in God’s ability to supernaturally intervene and do what man is unable to do,” Evans wrote. “Our prayers are full of faith, hope, and expectancy. We would appreciate you praying with that same spirit. While we wait on our miracle, Lois is continuing with natural therapies, supplemental treatments and is surrounded 24/7 with the love of her nuclear and extended family as well as the support of our church and national ministry.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law