Simone Biles Blasts FIG for Downgrading New Move at Worlds

Simone Biles will perform two new incredibly difficult moves at the world championships. (Marijan Murat/dpa via AP)

Simone Biles doesn’t shy away from calling out injustices. Her aim this time around is the International Gymnastics Federation. (FIG)

The FIG women’s technical committee announced Tuesday the point values for 10 new elements submitted for evaluation at the world championships in Germany. Three belong to Biles and one tweet said everything about her reaction to the news.

“hahahaHAHAHAHAHhahaHahaAhahAhahahaAhahahHAHAahaaaaaaaHa bull—” she wrote.

Biles told NBC Sports’ Nick Zaccardi she’s “pissed off” and it’s unfair the organization doesn’t credit harder artistry and skills when they ask athletes for more.

‘The Biles’ viral moves score new high

Biles has performed two of the unprecedented moves before, both in viral clips at the U.S. Championships. If she performs them in an international competition, they will be named for her in the Code of Points. She already holds two.

First, the committee reviews the move ahead of time and assigns it a difficulty value. The higher the difficulty, the more points a performer receives. The committee assigns a letter value; each letter corresponds to 1/10th of a point.

A clear circle forward to a handstand with a 360 degree twist was awarded an E on the uneven bars.

Biles submitted a triple double on the floor exercise, which was given a J value. It’s worth one full point. Previously, the highest element value was I (9/10th of a point). Her double-double dismount off the balance beam was given an H.

That’s what prompted her tweet as she believes both should be J values.

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SOURCE: Yahoo! Sports, Cassandra Negley